Dearly assembled best beloved passengers princes and snakes We present for your pleasure consume at your leisure with salt A very very very very very impotant event a mighty moment meet the sinners and sukkels and saints Take notice be warned watch out look up don’t cry don’t smoke don’t sneeze don’t take it easy Roll up for big fat wonders big fat warriers worriers patches of paint And a bath of mayonnaise and cement that’s meant to tell you something ding ding smack Who banned the dogs Who broke the tripod my god Who brought baby who brought the rain Who ate all the pies Dearly assembled best beloved passengers princes and snakes We present for your pleasure consume at your leisure with salt goose Song Gather gandergang and hear! our story goes from gore to glory. hurry now it’s hot a minute’s all I’ve got to tell you Long far ago when feet were webbed and quack meant squawk and squeal meant quack and honk made sense They came to stuff my neck. Knock knock who’s there? ‘The butchers, here to slit your throat and peel its skin and simmer in stock and drop in a stew’ They said ‘We’ll sew up the top then a knot in the bottom will do, the stuffing won’t get through’ Stuff you! I said and flicked and flapped and flew ‘Your filling acquires a melting soft texture’ they tried to say, but I was away and out of the frying pan into the fray. The sisters soared and spared no words they ranted and roared and clack clack attack with beaks and tiny teeth. With a mighty feather and an outstretched wing, with signs and wonder, with fright and fight, our necks are ours. We live to honk another tale Deep fried goes the chant Deep fried goes the chant and so we lowered him in Hair first part by part to start you pour the gin and ask what’s floating in the bottle Just a lotta you don’t wanna know Easy now enjoy the show Preceding a receding hairline residing on a forehead big enough for four Come a pair of brows Smooth content Nothing about them says Consume by today Too loose too tuneless too these taunts train toddlers to teens between the bust stop and the drivers seat Tick tock tough and tufty don’t do softy Only when it’s mister whippy only in a cone If I had an ice cream van I’d play t-pain to you and strauss With fists clutching spoons we frowned clenched and crooned Christmas (hiss) was not cancelled or sold like they told us Eight pints of fat came off of our goose Says she doesn’t like feasts when they cause her to melt Feathered pelt goes to plucked pink then crisp in the arms of the butcher the builder and botcher Wifey wants my wifi Wifi wants my wifi hit me Wireless network security key Wifey wants that sci-fi fan fic anime warrior in the bath with spok in a uniform situation Hit me, little Y capital u, s zero zero zero big M small mmmm Take me to your clips wifey, only fans account Sign me up meld me aan make me pay subscription double encryption Anonymous insults salt in the wound stings bad hurts better Routers in the bedroom hit me. [?] Bet your bottom dollar, there's no bottom to this pile of shit so push the button to take me away, sugababe, sweety sweaty honeybee before I get the wrong idee. gadver goddam bashing my head on my bin, where the flies sing and swing and sin and phone a friend mosquito their conchito, swivel-eyed, mean mouthed bleeter, bite me till I bloat, I scratch the itch that keeps me tight, my blood runs riot, fighting clean to set the scene, pillows are better with stains. cocococo-raging racha running up and down my house Tuesday's a trick day, to tick tock the true way - trip over the tear in your shoe, stay tuned, stay here, hear this: haha! hahahahahahahaha! who's laughing now? asking how to spit spells in your tea and spell Time with no T I'm a slave to the wekker, tied close on a tether sit tight, grit your teeth trick your tuesday, greet the geese It was hidden in the deep dark arse end of a pocket with a tissue and a pair of tweezers, finger fishing under that moistened belt I felt it. might try to take it, should i fake it, will i waste it, wake me down when it's all over, it's on your wrist, you're in its hands, it's on my mind, don't mind how long it takes to get to the metro, let your train go home alone My baby of beams you spin my bluest dreams you show your shame face bright: you didn’t write To me, tomorrow, you promise, you’re honest. Right under the beam baby Scheme baby, bust your hottest blush and feel bad and pull your hoodie on your head You were my world your word was worth my will, I willed my wealth to fill the hole your soul had left D